Pd (II) EnCat™ 30

Pd (II) EnCat™ 30 catalysts incorporate palladium(II) acetate and activating ligands within a porous polymer bead giving low levels of precious metal contamination in coupling reactions. There is minimum loss of the metal as the metal and ligands gets trapped within the bead and also reduces any possibility of plant contamination. Applications include: Suzuki Coupling, Heck Coupling Montelukast intermediate.


  • Cleaner Products: Typically less than 10 ppm Pd in crude reaction products
  • Cleaner Waster Streams: Minimal metal losses in Pd EnCat™ processes
  • Fast and Efficient Processes: EnCat™ beads filter easily
  • No plant contamination: Metal and ligands remain trapped within the polymer bead
  • Improved Processes: High activity in many types of coupling reactions
  • Process Intensification: EnCat™ can be used in batch and continuous flow process
Product Aldrich Cat. No. Pd Content % w/w Pd loading mmol/g P loading mmol/g Co-
encapsulated ligand
Pd EnCat™ 30 644714 4.3 0.40 - None
Pd EnCat™ 40 644722 4.6 0.43 - None
Pd EnCat™
644706 4.7 0.44 0.30
Pd EnCat™
644692 4.7 0.44 0.20
Pd EnCat™
658693 4.7 0.44 0.22
Pd EnCat™
699314 4.6 0.43 0.22
Pd EnCat™