Ni (0) EnCat™

Reaxa’s Ni (0) EnCat™ is the latest addition to the Company’s range of hydrogenation catalysts, aimed to provide cleaner, faster and more efficient processes.

Samples are available for clients to evaluate the catalyst in their processes and additionally EnCat™ properties can be optimised for specific applications.


  • Cleaner products: Reduced Ni and Al contamination versus other Nickel catalysts
  • Cleaner waste streams: Reduced metal losses in Ni EnCat™ processes
  • Safer: No evidence of pyrophoricity - passes UN test N.2
  • Fast, efficient processes: EnCat™ beads filter very easily reducing process time
  • Reusable: EnCat™ beads can be easily filtered and reused
  • No plant contamination: Metal remains trapped within the polymer bead
  • Improved processes: High activity and selectivity in many types of reactions
  • Process intensification: EnCat™ can be used in batch and continuous flow processes