Pt (0) EnCat™ 40

Pt (0) EnCat™ 40 catalysts incorporates platinum(0) within a porous polymer bead giving high selectivity with low levels of precious metal contamination, less than 10 ppm in reduction reactions. There is minimum loss of the metal as the metal gets trapped within the bead. The safety profile is also significantly improved as the polyurea is considerably less flammable than carbon.
Applications include: Hydrogenations of nitro compounds, Reductive Aminations, Heteroaromatic Reductions.


  • Cleaner Products: Typically less than 10 ppm Pt in crude reaction products
  • Cleaner Waster Streams: Minimal metal losses in Pt EnCat™ processes
  • Fast and Efficient Processes: EnCat™ beads filter easily
  • No plant contamination: metal remains trapped within the polymer bead
  • Improved Processes: High activity and selectivity in many types of reduction reactions
  • Process Intensification: EnCat™ can be used in batch and continuous flow process